Welcome to my internet site!

It's great that you're here. My name is Uwe. One of my favorite things to do is driving motorbike. I have made a great north-tour in 2018 over 9.200km (about 5.700 miles) trough the countries of Scandinavia to the Norwayen frontier to Russia, to the north cape and to the islands of the Lofoten. I have seen so many beautiful landscapes that I wanted to share with all interested people. So I had the idea to start my own internet site.

And why shouldn't I connect this with informations about myself, how I came to drive motorbikes and much more. Few stories are to be read with eye-twinkle. Other points might help with ideas or I have some tipps for typical motorbike situations. In addition I will tell you some stories which are funny oder just good to think about.

So you'll not only get informations, pictures and videos of my journeys. Have a lot of fun while looking into my sides.

Oh - one last break before you can start: I'm not ready with all the sides and I'm working on to put my sides into English versions too.

A click on the photo leads you to my motorbikes.

Cockpit Zündapp KS125